The 15th International Congress of the AEISAD will be held in Granada on the 27th and the 28th of September, 2018, at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the University of Granada.

The Congress, “Sports Practice During the Life Course: Status of the Issue and Future Challenges”, fundamentally aims to create an environment in which expert personnel and researchers in the field of sports science can present their research and exchange ideas with one another, with the ultimate goal of continuing the investigative tradition supported by the AEISAD.

The diversity, complexity, and transcendence of the various implicated social aspects related to the field of sports science, also taking into consideration the various life stages through which one passes, connect us to the present central axis of this Congress, which revolves centrally around the analysis of the practice of sports during the course of life at all stages, taking into account its physical, emotional, cultural, psychological, economical effects, etc. The approach to this life transition is through a closely detailed study through the different scientific disciplines, and therefore this is why we are extending the invitation to participate in this to the entire scientific community that might be interested in sports.

The organisation and structure of the principal sessions of the work show the multidisciplinary character of this event, creating the possibility for researchers of all fields to participate. The work groups will be focused on the following themes: Society and Globalisation; Tourism and Leisure; Education and Values; Public Policy and Business.